Medical tourism quality              

Choosing treatment abroad is a matter of health choice.

Medical tourism has been growing steadily, reflecting the profound changes occurring around the world in the provision of health care.

As people take more individual responsibility for their medical and health care, they will be more prepared to travel beyond their borders for excellent and affordable medical treatment.

Why travel?

Certainly, cost is a reason. But the benefits go far beyond saving money.

International patients receive 5-star personal care, from treatment and recovery in the finest hospitals and clinics, and 24-hour attention and services, to luxury accommodations while recuperating.

A holistic, stress-free environment and privacy away from nosy neighbors, family, or colleagues relieve anxiety, speed the healing process, and produce better, faster results.

More than medical care

Individual medical travelers are seeking, and should expect to get, the best care available, in a limited period of time, at a reasonable cost. They will save money compared with the same quality of care and treatment back home.

Medical travelers have a responsibility to their medical travel planner, to their doctors at home and abroad, and to their loved ones, to seek medical care and treatment that is appropriate to their needs.

One of the most important of these responsibilities is to provide frank and full disclosure of one’s medical condition during the long distance consultation prior to departure from home. Another is to work with a reliable and trusted medical planning partner, who we call a medical concierge, to map out one’s medical holiday.