Medical tourism quality              

Lives change because of our work.

Every client has a personal story, many of them uplifting. We remember and care deeply for those who come to us for life-saving surgery or treatment and those who have been planning and saving for special procedures.

Here are letters and emails we’ve received from clients and patients who had surgery by our teams of doctors. Names have been changed but not locations or messages. Details are available upon request.

Home with my new face! Some of my friends do not notice – think I lost weight…never told them. My friend in San Francisco who works for a cosmetic surgeon inspected me closely and agreed it was super…appears natural. Kate, U.S.A.

I would have been lost without my personal medical concierge! So many people in Melbourne were negative about me travelling to Thailand but after I had come back, thrilled with the results, everyone was amazed! Marianne, Australia.

My husband underwent spinal surgery in Bangkok. We are deeply grateful for the extraordinary care. As far as we’re concerned, Julie and the agency walk on water. Airene, U.S.A.

I sincerely thank you for the way in which my case was handled and I feel confident that because I knew I had that ‘on the ground’ support from you, everything turned out so well.

My doctor was absolutely professional, ethical and extremely competent as well as having the ability to build a comfortable rapport with his patient. I am in his debt for the way in which he managed my complex situation, providing the best possible holistic health outcome for me.

I also want to say that your medical concierge was absolutely wonderful. It was akin to having family around me at a difficult time. As well as being a warm, caring and compassionate individual, I also found her to be a person of the highest as well as highly efficient and effective in her role as a medical concierge. Everyone in your company treated me like family and made a significant difference to keeping up my spirits.

In deciding to go through your company, one of the factors that rated highly with me was the prospect that if something unforeseen did happen and I found myself alone in a foreign speaking country, then I would need some ‘on the ground’ support. Because of my experience, I now firmly believe anyone planning to go to a foreign country for medical treatment should have that kind of support, if not from their own family, then from someone as caring and knowledgeable and professional as you all have been to me. Lillian, Australia.

I had a breast augmentation procedure in Bangkok, arranged by Julie Munro at Cosmetic Surgery Travel. My husband and I are very, very happy with the results of the surgery and the whole experience. Thank you, Julie, for organizing everything so well and so professionally. I highly recommend Cosmetic Surgery Travel to anyone who is considering breast implants or any other plastic surgery. The hospital was the best and the staff was great. And of course, my doctor was perfect! The best thing was the cost. I saved a couple thousand dollars and the cost was exactly what you said it would be. Dianna, U.S.A.

I am just writing to let you know I am now back safe and sound in Australia. I would like to thank Cosmetic Surgery Travel very much for organizing my experience in Thailand. I was extremely impressed with the service I received from you, Gillian, hotel staff, nurses and my surgeon. I am very pleased with the results and found him very easy to talk to and he explained everything clearly and answered all my questions.

As far as quality, and having everything organized for you and also at a good cost I would highly recommend you to other people. My medical concierge was excellent and everyone there made me feel comfortable every step of the way. I feel fortunate to have stumbled across your site on the internet, as originally I was all set to have my surgery here in Australia. I have had a few consultations both here and in New Zealand and I feel it doesn’t compare to the service I received in Thailand. Once again thanks. Kind regards. Cheryl, Australia

I’m having WOW moments with my new figure and feel great. Just stopped wearing the compression girdle today. It’s fun to know that I will even get smaller as the swelling goes down, but the numbness is pretty much gone. I still can’t believe how good my recovery was. I have spread the word about your services and given out your website. Thanks again for everything. Lizzie, U.S.A.

As you may well guess I contacted a lot of agencies and believe me Cosmetic Surgery Travel leaves the others way behind. Regards and keep up the great service. Steven, New Zealand

Missing you too!!!!! Every time I leave Thailand a piece of me stays there I’m sure. I would happily offer my services to be an Australian chauffeur to any one here who has worries about going over there! Any excuse to get back to Bangkok I would take!!!!!!!!!!

I think of you often, and I am thankful that I had the pleasure in meeting everyone of you. I truly believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason, and after spending some time with you, I think that you are a treasure, and now you have become a small piece in my life story and another wonderful experience! If I can do anything, please let me know.

Please say hello to my doctor for me….. and tell him everything is going fine, bruises are all gone, I am just waiting to see my tummy disappear!!!!!!!!!! Legs are great! Luv to all. Christine, Australia

I had my annual exam with my dermatologist this morning. She did not know I had my face lift in December and boy was she surprised to say the least! She was also VERY IMPRESSED with the work and how fast I was healing. She said it was amazing. I just wanted to pass that on to everyone there. Thanks again. Audrey, U.S.A.

Julie, I’m glad you insisted I stay for the full time of my recovery. As you know, I was anxious to get back to work. But staying around Bangkok and the wonderful beach resort was the best thing I did. Glad I listened to you. As you said, we gals need to take better care of ourselves. I’m back on site now and I feel great. Hi to everyone there! Carla, Canada

I have recommended Cosmetic Surgery Travel to several of my friends. When they see the new improved me, they insist I tell them. In my opinion, if you’re going to have plastic surgery done and can’t afford to pay for the best back home in California, head right out to Bangkok. Put yourself in the hands of Julie and Daniele.

I spent two and a half weeks in Thailand and I had a face lift, a tummy tuck, and liposuction around my waist and abdomen. The surgeon was excellent, spoke good English. I fell in love with him right from the start.

Two days after my surgery, I felt ready to go out on the town, but my personal assistant made sure I stayed quiet and rest a little more. It was nice to have her company, and I could call her anytime I wanted to. And I did. We had great chats!

Now it’s been two months since my procedures, and I look and feel wonderful. I’ve lost 25 pounds, my swelling is unnoticeable, and I’m buying new summer clothes for the first time in years!” Joyce, U.S.A.

Thank you for helping me out. As you know, I was trying to do this on my own and hit a number of obstacles.

I managed to receive an email back from one doctor re surgery to correct stress incontinence, but have not heard from him in over a month. He and the hospital were recommended by a fellow teacher who spent years in Bangkok and who still goes there for her care.

I spoke with an appointment person several weeks ago and was told someone would email me back, but that hasn’t happened. I also filled out their email appointment form over a week ago, but have had no response. Calling is difficult as the call doesn’t always connect. Can you help me arrange surgery?

If possible, I would like to schedule a breast reduction at the same time. That would mean only one summer given over to recuperation, one hospitalization, etc. Since I have to be relatively still and calm to allow the bladder surgery to heal, I might as well be still and calm and recover from breast surgery at the same time.

I have been unable to find out from the hospital if both procedures can be done at the same time. If it is possible, that would be great. It would make life much easier.

If it can be arranged, while I am recuperating in Bangkok, I would like to have some cosmetic dental work done. Meredith, Japan

Folks, I’m home now. Can’t imagine how I’d have felt coming back after a trip to Thailand without checking you out. Eyelid surgery, lipo around my waist and abdomen, and Restylane around my lips make all the difference in the world. I’m a new woman now because you took the time to exchange emails with me, asking me what I really wanted from my surgery, and making me understand exactly what bothered me and what I needed to do about it.

You all are professional, responsible, straightforward, and wonderful. My surgeon was the best. The hospital staff was excellent. And my dermatologist was a sweetheart. Was she really 43? Talk about age-defying! Thanks for everything!” Lita, U.S.A.

In 1990 I had a face lift in the U.K. which was a disaster and the subsequent scars caused me more psychological grief than the actual problem I went in for. Recently, my face needed more work, but I have always been very concerned with the visible scars in front of the ears (ladies can usually hide these with hair). My surgeon in Bangkok assured me that he would hide the scars inside my ear lobe and now after just two weeks, I don’t think anyone would even notice any scarring whatsoever – I cannot tell you how pleased I am to be rid of those scars!

“I had a neck lift too and of course this involves larger scars, but these are buried into the hair and are not visible. I will be arranging for some minor blepheroplasty in the future.

“You might be familiar with the program Extreme Makeover on TV. There is a surgeon there named Jon Perlman. I actually wrote to him at his website and he took the time to answer. His surgeon’s fee for the same procedure was between US$20,000 – $25,000, more than double what I paid for everything.” Matthew, U.S.A.

My surgeon rebuilt my nose with a skin flab from my left cheek. He gave me a new ear lobe by using a skin flap from behind my ear, and also did a skin graft on the top section of my ear. After one session I counted over 160 stitches.

“My family is delighted with the finished product, and numerous friends in the medical profession have commented very favorably. My own son is a London-based anesthesiologist and during a recent visit, he also praised the surgeon’s work. I found my surgeon to be highly professional and always very warm, gracious, thoughtful and caring. His bedside manner was exceptional. His care of, respect for, and relationship with his team and nursing staff would shame many such men in our Australian medical practice.” Maureen, Australia