Medical tourism quality              

Our clients choose health care abroad for quality and value.

Who are our clients?

Our clients travel to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore or other of our preferred medical destinations to get the highest quality medical services they can afford.

They also seek reasonably priced services that let them make choices based on good medicine rather than on their pocketbooks.

In  Thailand and all the other medical destinations, our clients receive attention from some of the world’s best doctors and specialists, state-of-the-art technology, personal attention from physicians and nurses, and a caring and stress-free environment that offers optimal healing and recovery.

Our clients become our family while with us, and many keep in touch as part of our extended family after they leave.

In Thailand, our clients are primarily expatriates living in Asia while on foreign postings, have chosen to retire in Asia, or have built successful enterprises here.

Because Thailand is a leading medical destination and attracts patients from around the world, our clients also represent this group of international patients as well – people from the Middle East, Africa or other parts of Asia who seek excellent medical care.

We are very popular among Australians who have visited southeast Asia in the past, and now want better treatment and the assurance of experienced and trained medical concierge support.

Our clients in Malaysia and Singapore share many of the same characteristics as those in Thailand. They choose one destination over another for convenience, for familiarity, and sometimes for a change of pace.

All are discriminating men and women who expect to get value for their money, whether in minor procedures from dental work and hair transplantation, to major surgery and medical treatment from heart or spine surgery to chemotherapy. They expect, and get, medical procedures that are among the best available in the world.

Clients get the best of the best in our exclusive network of surgeons, nurses, hospitals, dentists and other service providers. They get an environment of healing and a professional who will tend to their post-surgery care and comfort. They also get privacy and the opportunity to get well on their own terms, away from prying family, friends, and co-workers. They enjoy at least the same high standards of health care, if not higher, than they would at home, while paying significantly less for comparable medical and surgical procedures and care.