Medical tourism quality              

An international medical concierge is a trained professional.

Our international medical concierge

The international medical concierge is a professional trained to support and help you manage your medical and surgical care away from home. The international medical concierge speaks the local language and has access to a network of local medical support services that you may need.

A certified medical concierge has had at least one year’s experience in developing and managing individual medical programs of individuals or groups.

Every medical concierge at Cosmetic Surgery Travel is a certified medical concierge.

Having a medical concierge working for you gives you immeasurable confidence, support, and reassurance at a time when you need to put all your energies and thoughts toward preparing for your procedures and having a stress-free recovery.

The Cosmetic Surgery Travel medical concierge is also your very own personal assistant (if necessary, she will be a registered nurse). You and your medical concierge are a team.

Our medical concierge helps plan your procedures, coordinates with the medical team to ensure that all hospital and surgical requirements are satisfied, facilitates all consultations, communication, activities, and events, provides support and reassurance to the patient, family and friends, and manages all post-surgery recovery needs and services.

Should an unanticipated event occur, our medical concierge steps in to do whatever needs to be done, to make new arrangements or change existing ones, and to provide any other support necessary to keep you on your path to comfortable, uneventful medical care, surgical procedure, and recovery.