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Reservations, costs, and cost comparisons

Comparing costs among countries, and even within the same country, can be like trying to swim through a pool of Red Sea mud – you get nowhere.

Surgeon’s fees

The greater portion of your cost is usually the surgeon’s fee, and that will depend on the surgeon you choose, and the extent and complexity of your procedure. It also depends on the medical discipline. Plastic surgeons, not only in Beverly Hills or Toronto, but also in in Singapore, Seoul or Sao Paolo, like to drive Mercedes and Porsches.

To help you plan your travel, we have created packages for the most frequently requested procedures and activities. A list of do’s and don’ts helps you make the important things your top priority.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, please contact us directly regarding your specific needs.

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Comparing costs

The knowledgeable medical traveler is the wise medical traveler. Just as we want you to seek as much information about your procedures as you can, we encourage you to compare costs.

Beware of comparing apples to oranges.

The best comparison is to visit a plastic surgeon in your home town for a consultation. If you don’t think this doctor is ideal for you, we urge you to seek out one with an excellent reputation, even if you have to travel away from home to consult with him or her.

This gives you a good start in making a realistic comparison with the surgery package we provide for you. Besides, you should be looking for a reputable, experienced and top-quality surgeon anyway.

Often, lists published by professional associations reflect only surgeon’s fees and do not cover many costs that we at Cosmetic Surgery Travel automatically include such as anesthesiologist, operating room, hospital stay, and post-surgery recovery facility.

If you are considering a medical vacation in a foreign country and making your decision based primarily on cost, be sure to consider and review carefully the level of medical service you will be receiving and the ability of your medical provider to respond to any and all emergencies both during surgery and after your treatment.

Cosmetic Surgery Travel operates exclusively in the top international hospitals in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and elsewhere because we believe our clients receive excellent medical attention not only for their scheduled procedures but for any emergency that might occur.


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