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Health Connections – Canada has world’s first buses for healthcare.

Click on photo to view the features of this bus on youtube.

August 2011 – If you think flying more than a few hours is too long and uncomfortable to go for a medical procedure, try the bus.

Some Canadians take motor coaches to get to their out-of-town medical appointments.

“There is a huge need for this type of service,” admits Northern Ontario politician and health critic France Gélinas.

“Finding a driver or driving yourself to medical appointments can be a stressful time for people,” said Dean Wright, general manager at PWT, the company providing the bus transportation. “We want to help make those trips less stressful, more convenient, reliable and comfortable.” Read more…

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Government may cut medical travel benefits for native Canadians.

August 2011 – The Government of Nunavut is considering a comprehensive review of its medical travel policy, health minister Tagak Curley said March 2 in the Nunavut legislature.

Nunavut’s medical travel program has been “very generous, probably over-generous,” Curkey said. But this may change, especially with respect to escorts for unilingual Nunavummiut, he suggested. Read more…

Mumbai’s Asian Heart Institute buys multi-million dollar robot.

August 2011 – The Asian Heart Institute (AHI) in Mumbai, India has acquired the new state-of-the-art da Vinci Si Robotic Surgical System, one of the most expensive medical technology available in the world. Read more…

Malaysian doctors bypass blood match for organ transplants.

July 2011 — Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai announced today Malaysia’s first successful blood group incompatible kidney transplants (also known as ABO incompatible transplants).

Doctors at Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC) in Kuala Lumpur have broken through the blood group barrier to organ donation, boosting chances for patients suffering from kidney failure to get a new one without it having to match their blood type. Read more…

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Bhavana Addiction Treatment Center opens in Phuket, Thailand

Southeast Asia’s first advanced addiction treatment center for drugs, alcohol, gambling and sex addiction opens next month in Phuket, Thailand.

July 2011 – Bhavana Addiction Treatment Center (, an international center of excellence for the treatment of alcohol, drug and behavior addictions, opens in Phuket, Thailand.

“I am proud to bring the latest practices in drug and alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation to Thailand and Asia,” says Dr. Kai Goh, chief executive officer and consulting psychiatrist at Bhavana. Read more…

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