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Is a medical travel “facilitator” really necessary?

Bangkok HospitalWhen you started thinking about having a treatment abroad, I’m sure you found plenty of hospitals, clinics, doctors and medical tourism agents that all were happy to take your money. Where do you begin?

Some people will plunge right in, to contact what seem to be the best hospitals for them. Often, they find it difficult to communicate with the hospital, and decide to work with a medical tourism company instead. After all, the procedure they need involves travel, so wouldn’t medical tourism companies be able to help?

Other people will look for personal assistance from the beginning to help them select the provider and the specialist they need. Read more…

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Bhavana – addiction rehab as good as it gets

Bhavana Phuket ThailandWhat do certain celebrity alcohol and drug addiction rehab centers have in common with the Bhavana addiction treatment center? Are they really that different? Or any better?

There’s a treatment center in Malibu, California known for treating celebrity addicts like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Its new owners apparently were not happy about its growing reputation as a high-dollar getaway for troubled celebrities instead of a serious drug and alcohol treatment center and they reportedly have set about to change this.

The changes the new owners are introducing tell us a great deal about the addiction treatment these celebrities may have received at this and other rehab centers.
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