Medical tourism quality              

Medical travel requires more care.

We care for you the best way we know how – the way we would if our own mothers, fathers, sons, or daughters were seeking the same medical treatment abroad.

We pioneered international patient care management in medical tourism – care that is intended to give you access to some of the finest medical doctors and surgeons in the world, and to manage your care so you have the best chance of an excellent outcome.

Hospital executives, doctors and medical travel agents have downloaded the publication Care and Management of the International Traveling Patient. Our founder, Julie Munro, has spoken at many conferences and meetings about quality of care for the medical traveler.

Our medical concierge and international patient care services cover:

  • Planning. Thorough and detailed preparation by our trained and experienced international patient coordinator includes a medical evaluation and individualized pre-surgery instructions from your plastic surgeon.
  • Surgery. Your plastic surgery in Bangkok, Thailand or in Singapore is always in a top, internationally recognized and accredited tertiary care hospital with an experienced, certified anesthesiologist and operating room nursing team who work closely with your plastic surgeon during your surgery.
  • Medical team. Your doctor will be a leading surgeon, a specialist with 15 to 20 years of experience. The surgeons we select use current techniques, procedures and equipment. You are encouraged to ask as many detailed questions as you want, and the surgeons will take time to answer them completely. If you are having general anesthesia for surgery, you will meet and be interviewed by the anesthesiologist.All surgeons speak excellent English.
  • Medical concierge service and patient management. Most people, whether traveling or staying at home for medical care, are poorly equipped, even in the best of circumstances, to take charge of their own care. A Cosmetic Surgery Travel medical concierge is a professional trained specifically to care for international patients and medical tourists, to ensure they are prepared for surgery and receive the appropriate monitoring and healing opportunities in the post-surgery recovery.
  • Recovery. Your immediate post-surgery recovery is monitored by recovery room specialist doctors and nurses. You spend one or two nights in hospital – or longer if you prefer – with access to self-managed pain relief. Once discharged from the hospital, your recovery continues to be supervised by a Registered Nurse and a licensed physician in consultation with our own medical concierge staff and international patient manager.
  • VIIP treatment. We leave nothing to chance. Our special Very Important International Patient on-site service takes you from the door of your plane on landing, speeds you through immigration and customs, handles your luggage, and brings you to the hotel we choose for you that is near your hospital. All medical-related transportation is arranged so you are on time to all your appointments and never get lost or have to wait.
  • Ongoing care management.Our patient care support begins with your first inquiry and continues through the procedure and finally as you, the patient, are well on your way to recovery and healing, and you are ready to return home. After you return home, our medical support team continues to follow your progress for up to six weeks or longer as required for your continuing good recovery and health. Records and reports are sent as required to the appropriate doctors.