Medical tourism quality              

Our teams and our colleagues are the best!

Julie Munro, founder of Cosmetic Surgery Travel L.L.C. and Director of International Patient Care, has lived in Thailand and travels between Thailand, the United States, and Canada. She first visited Thailand in 1975.

In Bangkok, Julie and a team of expatriate women – Americans, Australians, Canadians, and Europeans – provide medical concierge services to Cosmetic Surgery Travel clients. In all, the CST team has more than 50 years living and working in Thailand, and more than 60 years experience living and working throughout Asia.

Every medical concierge is carefully chosen for her qualities of compassion and caring, and her background in related medical and cultural matters. They bring a variety of backgrounds to their jobs, including nursing, mental health, and holistic healing.

We provide an independent service to seek out the best service providers in Thailand for our clients. We do not rely simply on one or two institutions for “one-stop shopping”. Our clients come to us for the best, and they receive the best.